D-Frag was created out of the necessity to demonstrate the link among music, theater and painting.

As of 2014, the Zef collective is composed of a choreographer, three dancers / actors and two musicians.

The foundations of form and its method of research are contemplated from the first few paintings while at two different residences : at the workshop of the “Souffleurs” (glassblowers), Poetic Commandos, in Aubervilliers, the second at Nil Obstrat, an aerial circus located in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône near Cergy.

In 2015, the collective is welcomed in residence in the royal Forges of Guérigny, ancient memorial situated in Burgundy near Nevers, and presents for the first time to the public the current work on D-Frag during the Heritage Days of September 19th and 20th.

The purpose of the D-Frag project is twofold:

  • The use of paint (27 canvases, 195X145 in series of 3s) as a partner in various games to push the members of the collective beyond the canvas;
  • To offer the public direct contact with this same tension.



  • Annamirl van der Pluijm, completed her studies at the Rotterdam Dance Academy in 1983, then worked for the next 10 years as a danser and assistant choreographer with Jan Fabre and a soloist danser with Reinhild Hoffmann.  As of 1992, she’s performing solo in many international festivals.  In 2007, she settled in Burgandy in the Nievre, and began teaching dance at Abeicite Corbigny and worked as a choreographer and dancer with several companies such as Alfred Alert, Deviation and Metalovoice.  In 2014, in response to a proposal by Serge Ambert and in collaboration with the composer Eric Sterenfeld, she created « The Thread of M », a creation based on the life and body of work of Martha Graham.  She is involved in the collective as a choreographer and through voice and body movement.
  • Ferielle Papastratides divides her time between graphic art, writing and movement.  A student of the Jacques Lecoq school, notably with Kriko Balekian and Jos Houben, she works with Eduardo Galhos on written text, improvisational vocals with Lucia Recio, movement with Anna Rodriguez, Franck Michelleti, Cynthia Phung-Ngoc, Yohan Amselem, Camille Mutel and is regularly involved with the core of the Akozal company directed by Emmanuel Rabita, for street performances such as ”Troll Story”, ”Fish Dancing Tango” and ”Error 404”.  She is involved in the collective as a director and through voice and body movement.
  • Emmanuel Rabita is a theater actor, trained most notably « au cours Florent », The Center for the Dramatic Arts of Saint-Denis, the « Theatre par le bas », the Nanterre conservatory, «Theatre del silencio » of Mauricio Celedon and at the Machine Company of Francois Delaroziere. Artistic director of the Akozal company, he lived in an artist’s residence in Jerusalem in 2010, in Arras in 2009, at the Villa Borghese in Rome from 2008 to 2009 and in Peking in 2006 he worked at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Actor with the street theatre company Metalovoice and is also a film actor having played in « Gaby Doll » by Sophie Letourner, released in theatres in 2014. He is involved in the collective through voice and body movement.
  • Caroline Guitton has been working for 10 years in cultural management at the «Little Mirror Theatre » and at the « Echangeur Theatre ». At the same time, she explores the theatre with Regis Hebette, Isabelle de Haas, Patrick Pezin, Clotilde Moynot, dance with Gyohei Zaitsu and maki Watanable, Anna Rodriguez, Lucia Coppola, Franck Aperte and participates in reading workshops « Les Mots Parleurs » with Valerie Delbore. She is currently working on « Le Voyage de Penazar » of Francois Cervantes. She is involved in the collective through voice and body movement.
  • Hadrien Mabilat is a student at the American School of Modern Music and a guitarist for the group he founded, « Hit the hub ». He is participating as a guitarist for the project.
  • Arthur Longuet is a student at the American School of Modern Music and as a percussionist for the group « Hit the hub ». He is participating as a drummer for the project.
  • Florent Mabilat is the creator of painting and the driving force behind the project.